My dog has lyme disease and is near the end of a month long course of doxycycline to treat it. Does your product help with Lyme disease?



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  • Will Falconer DVM

    I'd just add that, even if you opt NOT to use the antibiotics so often prescribed, using Canine Immune Complete to boost your dog's immune system is the smartest move possible. Why? Positive dogs who are not even sick are the norm, and it means their immune systems are hard at work keeping up with the Lyme agent, Borrelia. When you add CIC to his food, his responsiveness to "seeing" that as a foreigner and clearing it is greatly enhanced, so it'll take less time to deal it a death blow.

    In addition, you won't destroy his microbiome with this product, as we've actually added beneficial probiotics that help it as well as promoting the natural killer cells, so double trouble for the bad guys without the damage that antibiotics cause. Win win!

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